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Effective lobbying is all about presenting a compelling case to the

right people at the right time, so they understand, care and

take action


Brexit will make “outsiders” of many companies in the UK or the EU and will future rules create protectionist barriers?

Companies cannot afford to stand aside as key decisions are being taken on access to their markets – they will have to find a way to be at the Brussels and London decision-making tables and not leave the field to their competitors


Unless companies integrate politically, they risk being overlooked when policy decisions are being made – while established, local players are already part of the process

Politicians may be reluctant to help companies they do not know.  Foreign companies have to work harder to build political relationships and alliances, or risk finding themselves isolated and missing opportunities


All businesses have their “own language” and it is common to hear “Politicians don’t understand my business and they are making laws that harm it”.  “Banning” laws, in fields as diverse as chemicals, plastics and personal data, are multiplying


Companies need to be able to defend their interests – often highly technical ones – in plain and compelling language, so that politicians can understand them and take heed of their interests


What is new and exciting for you, can worry politicians.  They may end up overregulating new technologies and services, rather than encouraging them, simply because the benefits are not clear or the risks misunderstood


Politicians are unlikely to create the “right” rules without your input – does your product risk being overregulated or prevented from being put on the market?

On Message

In highly-charged debates like climate change, plastic pollution and data privacy, politicians are under pressure to act strongly and economic interests may not be their priority


Cutting through the emotions and changing the narrative takes skill. Your messaging must “hit the target”, or you may face drastic political action like restrictions, taxation and bans

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