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Politicians and their decisions are too important to be ignored.  Companies and organisations have to be prepared to engage, get their voices heard and to do so with skill and efficiency


Darcy specialises in business-oriented advocacy – with well-crafted arguments presented to decision makers so they understand, care and take action

He is highly experienced with working with business leaders and their teams to solve their challenges with pragmatic and efficient campaigns

Darcy is an expert lobbyist and is also the author of “The Secret Art of Lobbying” (2019).  He offers solutions, guidance and practical campaigning tips to businesspeople, using skills honed from his successful track record as an in-house practitioner, consultant and association leader

His recent remits have included programmes on green aviation, climate change, corporate transformation, Brexit, chemical policy, eco-design and Green Buildings


Darcy Nicolle 

The Secret Art of Lobbing

The Essential Business Guide to Winning in thePolitical Jungle

If what happens in politics is obscure, the art of lobbying is firmly hidden in the shadows. The Secret Art of Lobbying raises the veil on the world of lobbying for the businesses of today, showing exactly how you can go out and win in the political jungle.

Politicians and their decisions are too important and too costly for business people or anyone running an organisation to safely ignore – this book reveals the skills, tools and techniques of the professional lobbyist to get you on the political inside track.

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